Blue Hen Hash House Harriers
Past and Present


Over the last 10 years, we've had a butt-load of people call the Blue Hen Hash their home. Below are all those I remember being there for at least a couple of runs, and some who are merely accused of being there! If you're not listed or want a link, piss-off!

Hash NamePolice Botter Name Postition
Fuk StikTom T.Grand Master Emeritus
the Mathmatical ImpossibilityBecky S.Giz Mattress
Vaseline AlleyTim C.Religeous Advisor
Toxic WasteJosh E.Hash Cash
Title 18 Section 2423James B.
The Hasher Formerly Known as Schporto Chris D.
WaterFoulBill T.
I'll Respect You In The Mourning Nikki K.Hash Harlot
Kojack SackJason K.All Purpose Dupe
Chilean Cherry PieMarleny C.
I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy Bob R.
He needed the moneyDoke S.
Badlay/ButtheadGeorge J.
SlipperyPoleBunionDan E.
Tromo QueenJackie E.
Smells Like Hash SpiritMelissa F.
Severed Member Jason McE. Somewhere Else
Sleepy HeadDucki A.
Wet-BackJerry A.
Dumb-AssJ.P. R.
Babe the Blew Spand-Ox or Puppy LoveMichael S.
Just JacqueJacque V.
Faces We Haven't Seen in a While
Hate CrimeMark F.
Spooge, It's Good For The ComplexionChris S.
One Slipped By the GoalieRobert C.Abdicated Designated Smoker
Welcum to my Berfday SuitKimberly M.
Pinky on the BrainJames DeC.
BeavisPete D.
Beer GogglesVinnie D.
Blew BallsJen T.
Butt-HeadJoe W.
La PoubelleDan R.Co-Founder
Porta Potty TraineeRay
Scoot-herSam K.
The EnforcerGavin B.Enforcement
Whine BladderJen C.
Golden ShowerJason M.
Danielle C.
Todd Andrew B.
Todd Andrew M.
Mike Z.
Katie G.
Andrea R.
Gwen E.
Linda G.
Jenna T.
Steven S.
Ryan S.
Amy M.
Charles H.
Sean McG.
Jeff F.
Mike D.

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