History of the
Blue Hen Hash House Harriers


Founded October 24, 1992

Beginnings of a Tradition

The Blue Hen Hash House Harriers were founded on October 24th, 1992, by Tom "Fuk Stik" Tarka and Dan "La Poubelle" Rosen. At the time of its conception, Fuk Stik had been hashing for 2 years and La Poubelle was a virgin with only a vague idea of the madness which he was getting himself into.

Over the last four years, the Blue Hen Hash has had its ups and downs, going as long as 3 months without a run at some low points. When it is on, the Blue Hens are a formidable force: wreaking havoc in local bars, being chased by innumerable UD PuD and Park Ranger patrols, creating parties at will, and even out singing rugby teams at Mardi Gras. In short, creating a swath of chaos wherever it goes.

While there was concern that the Blue Hen Hash would dwindle and die after the departure (read: graduatuion) of some core members, the torch has not gone out! Instead, a freakish engineer, a host known for their unholy "Hutt" parties, and a vocal Frankenfurter have determined that the Mid-Atlantic flicker of singing in the tradition of Ian Cumming, insane drinking, and wall-to-wall shiggy will not be doused.

Blue Hen hashing is a unique experience. Runs are open to all, there's always a "beer" check, usually a water crossing, and inevitably a party, hash or otherwise, which lasts all night. Join the Blue Hens as they create a tradition.

Fuk Stik
GM in exile

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